My introduction to project management was something of a ‘baptism of fire’. I was barely out of college in 1995 when Bill Dunster offered me the chance to manage the day-to-day build of Hope House (a low energy showcase and his own private dwelling). I’d started working with Bill on Eco-ID projects the previous year, and was later invited to teach with him at the Architectural Association.

I’ve since managed a wide variety of domestic, commercial and medical fit-outs (ranging in value from ZAR 250,000 to ZAR 5,000,000 plus) and handle new builds, refurbishments, and the design, procurement and installation of stand-alone sales units.

My work often involves institutional landlords (with dozens of projects completed on the UK’s major stations for example) and I am comfortable liaising with statutory bodies, retained service providers, engineers, architects and other stakeholders. I have also represented clients’ interests in a wide range of contractual negotiations -in legal and commercial contexts.


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